Terms of conference room rent and operation at Le Vashoff Hotel (Sabina LLC)

Per-hour  850 rubles


  • Conference room can be rented on the basis of written booking by legal entities or verbal agreement by individuals.
  • Minimum time for the conference room rent is 2 hours.
  • Rent can be paid in cash, with 50% prepayment and balance paid afterwards, or by bank transfer, at least 48 hours before the booked date (time) in the amount of 100%. The rent is indicated inclusive of VAT;
  • The rent does not include additional equipment (projectors, screens, etc.). The required equipment can be included in the rent for extra fee.
  • Additional electrical equipment of the tenant shall be installed in advance.
  • In the case of a written request to cancel conference room booking within less than 48 hours before the booked date (time) the charged fee will equal 50% of the invoiced amount for the actual downtime of the conference room. If the conference room was not utilized and there was no written notice, 100% of the invoiced amount will be charged for the downtime.
  • In the case of delay behind the scheduled time due to the tenant’s fault, the rent period and, consequently, the rent will not be recalculated.
  • Coffee-breaks are arranged by the public catering unit of Le Vashoff Hotel / Sabina LLC.
  • It is forbidden to bring in any food, drinks or electric kettles.
  • It is forbidden for the attendees of workshops and trainings held by the tenant to violate public order, including conversations in a loud voice in the hotel lobbies and corridors.
  • Smoking in the conference room and the hotel lobby is prohibited. Smoking is only allowed within a designated area (on the porch at the hotel entrance).
  • Conference room can be rented daily from 9 a. m. until 9 p. m. Extended hours are possible upon agreement with the hotel administration.
  • The hotel reserves the right to refuse the provision of rental services in case of violation hereof.

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